Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ben's Quilt So Far

I've got 17 out of 25 blocks done for my son's queen size bed quilt in black, white and red. This will be my first bed size quilt. Who knows how long it'll take though. Here's what I've got so far (in no specific order).

June BOM

We got issued a challenge with our June Block of the Month. Whoever got done first won 60 Fat Quarters of fabric. I was able to complete the block in less than 2 hours. I read the challenge at 4:20. I printed the block, picked out the fabric, cut it, pieced it and sewed it all together and posted a picture at 6:20. I was third. It's got a little too much white in the block and I really wish I used a different fabric in the corners. But here it is.

3500 Member Celebration Block

The online group I belong to recently reached 3500 members and our fearless leader, Carol Doak, designed a special block for us. Since it's a 12 inch block, I made it in the Black White and Red colorway so I could use it on my son's quilt.

Notepad Cover

I started a new job Tuesday so I wanted to make myself something useful and decided on a cover for my steno book I use to take notes at meetings. It came out pretty good, but not great. It took me a couple tries too. I think I'll stick with flat things.


I finished my May BOM just under deadline. It's another Black White and Red block for my son's quilt. Hopefully I win the random drawing. I think it's 60 fat quarters this month. Woo Hoo!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pretty Table Toppers

I've been pretty busy lately but I've done some sewing too. The coffee group I belong to at work had a farewell coffee and there were three other ladies leaving besides me, so I made farewell table toppers for them and a fourth one for a raffle we do at all the coffees. They are so much fun to do. The center blocks are from the 50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars - MD, OH, MO and AL. Which one do you like best? I can't decide!