Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mystery Solved

In September my favorite Yahoo Group started a mystery quilt. It was designed by Carol Doak. At first she just told us what kind of fabric to buy and how much -- medium warms, medium cools, darks, lights, etc. Then she told us how to cut them. Then on September 28 she posted the first clue and first foundation for the paper pieced quilt. After 6 clues she posted the mystery. The finished quilt was 36" square without any borders.

Someone on the group suggested making four of these and sewing them together for a bedsize quilt. I needed a new quilt in my spare room, so I decided to go for it. You can see the pics of my fabric and different clues as well as the finished bedsize quilt.

It's hard to believe the pic above was made using the simple blocks and fabrics in the pics below.

All I have to do now is add the borders and the top pillow cover and my bedsize quilt is ready to be quilted by my friend with the longarm. I posted a pic of the four mysteries sewn together. It came out better than I imagined. Carol is an amazing designer.

I'm going to make two of the center stars and put a "circle border" around them using the purple fabric (that didn't get used much) for the top where the pillows would be underneath and then I'm going to add a thin purple border all the way around before the border fabric (21" drop). The hard part is over. Hallelujah!!! Life is good!