Sunday, March 9, 2008

3000 Hawaiian Memories

The owner of the online quilting group I belong to designs a new block for the group to commemorate different milestones. While I was in Hawaii, the group hit 3000 members and the owner designed a special 3000 member celebration quilt. I decided making this quilt with fabric I bought while on vacation would be a good way to remember my trip. Traditional Hawaiian quilting is a special kind of applique using solid cotton fabric. So .... I went to Anne's Hawaiian quilt shop in Waikiki and bought the fabric I needed for the quilt. Since I'm not too fond of solid fabrics I had to get a print for the border that looked Hawaiian and matched the colors in the blocks. I had to wait for my hubby to send me the fabric by mail and then had to find the time to sew. I finally got busy cutting the fabric so I would be ready to sew and ran out of three different colored fabrics before I was done. Turns out I had counted wrong and didn't need as much as I thought so I was able to finish the quilt today and now I have enough cut to make 3 more. It came out really good, now all I have to do is sandwich it and quilt it. It'll be a wallhanging for my spare bedroom that has bright yellow walls. Plus, it'll help me remember the best vacation I had in 20 years.

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