Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paper Piecing Bee

I put off joining the local quilt guild for a long time because I just didn't think I fit in. The guild is mostly made up of traditional quilters who like traditional patterns, colors and techniques -- especially applique and hand quilting. That is definitely not me since I like bright colors, novelty patterns, paper piecing, and hate hand sewing of any sort. Someone suggested there might be others in the guild like me and said I should start a group. So at the last guild meeting I announced the startup of a Paper Piecing Bee and we've had our first meeting. There are only four of us now but I think there'll be at least two more soon. We'll be doing monthly lotteries, a few projects each year, and getting together for sit & sews.

Since I like the teacups so much, I made that our first lottery block. This is the one I made. It's even brighter in person. We'll get together in October and someone will win all the blocks made (right now only 4). Next month's lottery block is a jack-o-lantern. My favorite colors! I sure hope it all works out, it's a nice group of ladies and I hope to get them to love paper piecing as much as I do.

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