Sunday, August 23, 2009

Red, White & Blue Fat Eighth Blocks

I finally finished my blocks for my favorite kind of swap for my favorite Yahoo group. It's a great swap. You send in pieces of fabric that are about 11 x 18 and people make blocks for you, using your fabric (plus their own) and you receive those same size pieces of fabric from other people and make blocks for them. Each group has 5 people, so you're making blocks for 4 other people. I joined three groups, so I had to make 12 blocks. That means I'll be getting back 12 blocks (enough for a nice sized quilt) all using my fabric. I was kind of specific in my requests -- I gave a specific block and asked that my fabric be placed in a specific location on the block. If everyone complies I'm gonna have a GREAT quilt. Can't wait. The best part is I get to try out blocks I've never made and color combinations I may not normally use. All the blocks are Carol Doak designs from a variety of her books and this time the blocks had to be Red, White and Blue. You never know if your swap mates will like your blocks, but I always hope so. I really liked how some of these came out. Unfortunately I procrastinated quite a while before finishing these. They've got to get in the mail tomorrow so I'm not late with the deadline.

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Jen said...

These are all georgeous!!!