Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crayon Challenge

My favorite on line quilting group had a challenge to use a crayon block in some kind of project. If you posted a picture by September 30, you were entered into a random drawing to win something. A couple years ago in a class I saw someone with this neat "thing" that went under their sewing machine and had pockets in the front for all their sewing "tools." I thought it was great because when you take classes you don't have a lot of room for your "stuff" so this is a perfect way to keep everything in reach and "mark" your territory in class. I used this crayon challenge as motivation to make one for myself. I had found crayon fabric at my favorite LQS and used that on one side, made a dozen orange crayons using the challenge block and used more of my favorite color (ORANGE) on the back side. It came out pretty good. I used the crayons as the pockets and quilted them a bit and made 2 smaller and one large pocket to stick my stuff in. I made a big pocket where I can put a cutting board or leave empty and roll up the tool kit to ship. Should be a good tool for my travels to classes. Here's a picture with my traveling sewing machine. The pockets are big so you can't really see the tools but they all fit in there nicely and stay handy.

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