Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fat Quarter Birthday Swap Quilts

I hosted and joined a swap in the summer that had a due date of end of Novemeber. I figured it would be no problem and actually put my name in twice. I got my swapmates fabric in August and procrastinated until this weekend before I started working on the quilts. I brought the fabric and foundations (they are both paper pieced) with me to Korea (where I'm visiting my hubby) and was able to complete them both in 2 days. Luckily both of my swapmates chose to be easy on me. One wanted a 16" octagon table topper (that looked like a fall topper I had made previously) and the other wanted a 16" x 28" table topper. The fabric from the octagon one was a beautiful gold print from the Hearth and Home collection at connecting friends. As soon as I got it I went out a bought a bunch of that fabric line myself. I love it. The topper is pretty, I just wish she would have let me make it bigger. There were so many other beautiful fabrics in that line. The other table topper was for a bedside table and my swapmate gave me all the colors in the quilt on the bed and told me what she wanted as the focus fabric. She gave me my choice of blocks, but since her hame is Virginia, I decided to use the block called Ginny. I think both quilts came out pretty good. I used Korean batting and quilted them on the small Janome Jem sewing machine I brought with me. Even though I procrastinated, I worked hard over the last 2 days and was able to finish them both and will get them in the mail today -- which was the deadline for mailing. Life is Good!

When I get home I'll post pictures of what my swapmates made for me. I definitely made out in this swap. They were both very generous. And I got one gift in September and the other just before I left for Korea (so I had it for my birthday). I'm a horrible swapmate, I feel so guilt, but so lucky at the same time.

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mattsmom499 said...

Great gifts. I promise to get the nov. blocks in the mail.