Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Table Toppers

I met a long arm quilter on line who agreed to let me come to her studio and get an introduction to long arm quilting. We would be quilting a quilt that I've had laying around for a while AND she wasn't charging me. I wanted to make her a thank you table topper but didn't know what style she liked, so I made three and let her pick. Then she quilted it. I added the binding and I gave it to her as a thank you. She picked the first one. At some point I'll have to quilt the other two -- probably before next Christmas.

I had an awesome weekend learning about the Gammill long arm and Statler Stitcher. Tons of fun! And then I met 6 other Statler owners for lunch on Sunday. They were very welcoming and I'm so glad I was able to meet others who know what they're doing with the long arm. I'll be picking their brains for the next year or so. Life is good!

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