Sunday, December 9, 2012

A New Twist for Me

I haven't been motivated to do much of anything lately and that includes sewing. But I had promised my baby girl that I would make her a throw quilt to match her tree skirt that she liked so well. I already had the Layer Cake in the same fabric and had planned on using the Twister tool I bought more than a year ago. I had to force myself to do it but I laid out all the blocks and sewed them together. That's the first step.  When I was finished I thought it looked pretty cool and with some fancy quilting it might be okay just like that. So I sent a pic to my daughter of the blocks and then a pic of a twister quilt in similar colors I found on the Internet. And wouldn't you know it she wanted the Twister. So I got busy. The next step is to use the Twister to cut those blocks apart and then sew them back together. Sounds like a waste of time and fabric. But, it wasn't. It really is as easy as they say and I have to say I am awful glad I did it. It looks even better than I thought it would.  This picture just doesn't do it justice.  No two fabrics are the same -- all but 3 are prints.  I've got the top done and that means all that's left is the quilting and binding, which I'm going to get started on as soon as I find out if she wants a border around it first. But I have to say, that little tool is pretty awesome. So I'm a little more motivated now. And when you're finished cutting them all apart, you end up with a bunch of much smaller squares in the same colors that you can use a smaller Twister tool with (of course I bought all 3 sizes) and I can make a mini quilt from those and I have the charm pack I bought before I even bought any of the fabric that I could make a matching wall hanging. So I may have some other twister projects in my future -- but probably not before this Christmas. Here's the before and after pictures. And I've also included a picture of the finished quilt, the front and back, with a closeup of the quilting.

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