Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fall Quilting

I recently finished a quilt from my very first swap.  It was from the fall of 2006.  I had just learned to paper piece and was happy to swap to get examples of blocks that were done right, hopefully to learn from.  Before I made my son's quilt I wanted to practice, so I made this one in a similar fashion, alternating pieced blocks with fabric blocks and quilting two different designs in the alternating blocks.  I learned a lot.  This one has some catches in it where I should have been paying more attention, but all in all it came out pretty good.  It isn't as big as my son's and doesn't do much more than cover a queen size bed, but it's a good quilt to cuddle under on a cool evening.  Since it was a fall swap, all the blocks are in fall colors.  This was the perfect time to do it.  I finished the binding on my trip up to Karnack for work.  Hubby drove, so I sewed. (Not sure why it's on its side, but it won't turn.)
I couldn't find my Thanksgiving topper for my table and never had a Fall/Thanksgiving wall hanging so I decided to whip some up.  I'm going to trip the wall hanging border down -- it's too much and I can't decide if I like the table topper or not, but it'll do for now.  The wall hanging is 30" but will probably end up 24" square. The table topper was about 24" anyway.  I hope to get both quilted tomorrow, along with some other projects that have been in the quilting pile for a while now.  Then I need to work on my Christmas projects.  I am way behind and won't get much done, but it's fun to try

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