Monday, October 29, 2012

Easy Christmas Table Topper

Had some cute snowman fabric and decided to make a table topper out of it using the 60 degree triangle ruler I have.  I used it recently on a chicken table runner and table topper for my daughter.  It was so easy I figured I'd make a Christmas one too.  I recently got some hexagon shaped quilting designs so I figured I'd try one of them out.  It came out pretty good.  It's got a kind of country flavor to it and is red, white and blue (mostly) too.  So it made me think my daughter might like it.  I guess it'll make the trip with hubby.  He has to take an extra suitcase for all the stuff I have for him to take her.  But when he comes back he can just put one suitcase in the other for the trip home.  I have another one cut out in traditional Christmas colors for me.  Just gotta sew it, quilt it, and bind it.  Wednesday is my day off so I figure I can finish it up then. Plus I have some other quilting projects I'd like to get done.  The photos didn't come out too good, but this is the front and back and hopefully you can see the quilting.

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