Saturday, January 29, 2011

Taught Barb to quilt

Barb came for the weekend and was going to do some projects around the house, but needed help that I couldn't give so instead I taught her how to paper piece quilt blocks. She took to it right away. She made a block for Ben's quilt and liked the color combo so well she made herself some placemats for her kitchen. She made them miniatures (which means each little block is only 2 inches bit and it took 16 blocks for each placemat). I had to help a little but the majority of the work was done by her. She really caught on quick and she's so creative with a great eye for color. I know she'll be making some beautiful quilts when she sits down to do it again. She sure is off to a fantastic start. Before this she had never even sewn. Quite an accomplishment for a weekend of work. And we had fun and fit in our own mini shop hop to local quilt shops. Life is good!

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